Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine's Day is FAST approaching & it's time to start thinking of ways to show your loved one's how much they mean to you! For some people this may be more of a hassle than a warm fuzzy event, but no fear,.... hopefully this weeks post will help generate the LOVE BUG inside of you!

Let's address the love-challenged individuals first:

Men OR women out there who have difficulty finding creative Valentine's Day ideas may simply want to ASK their beloved what they would like. It may be dinner & a movie; a quiet night at home; or maybe just alone time for a mom or dad that's a stay at home parent. What ever it is, you can take that idea as a baseline, build on that idea, thus making it unique & special.

If you have been with your beloved for decades & think you've "been there done that" Valentine's Day idea to death, purge your memory a bit and think about when you first started the relationship with your partner. Ask yourself, what did he/she like then that I haven't acknowledged in years. Was there a favorite song, favorite place you went to eat, a place where you two would escape from the rest of the world just to bask in each others glory? Keep in mind, great Valentines Day moments don't have to be expensive, or cost anything for that matter. It really is all about what's in your heart.

Now if your being pummeled by your kids on buying Valentines Day cards for the friends, step out of the box this year & push convenience aside. Make a point to spend quality time (which is the real the gift), creating Valentine's Day cards or crafts for handing out. Not only will it make your kids popular with their friends (because it's special & unique), it will most certainly make you wildly popular with your kids, and what better self-esteem booster is that?

I found a great site for creating Valentine's Day crafts & cards for your kids. Check out Fun 4 the Children

So what about those out there who don't have kids or aren't "attached"? No need to get all bummed out over this holiday. Do remember that there is at least one person in your life that would appreciate an act of reassurance that they mean something to you. A parent, a friend, and above all else,......YOURSELF! There is NO rule or law written that states you can't do something nice for yourself! So don't make excuses for Valentine's Day. Do something for yourself that you've been putting off or always dreamed of doing. It's OK,....give yourself guiltless permission!

So no matter how challenged you may be at finding creative ways to show your love for someone special, remember this:

It's an unconscious touch
It's an act of appreciation

And it doesn't cost a thing!

Post your Valentine's Day ideas or some of the most memorable Valentine's moments you've had. Who knows, someone may take your idea and make someone else very happy! Just another way to spread the LOVE!

Have an Intimate Day!

All my LOVE!