Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Well,......Sort of.

I could easily write a novel about my past years experience's, but the intention for writing Intimate Family was to "lift up & encourage" others. I could try to explain some of the reasons for my absence, but I'm afraid I may unnecessarily depress some of you.

But the year wasn't all bad! There were some things I'd been keeping myself busy with.... ( I know you all are sitting on the edge of your seat with extreme curiosity, aren't you?)

I'd been wanting some kind of farm-like animals to raise on our property since we moved here, but because I'm a bit unmotivated to do any kind of "hard labor," I searched for an animal that was "low maintenance". It took a while for me to find one but I did!

I now have emu's!

(You can slowly raise your lower jaw into its original position)

Not just emu's either! Total animal count now on our funny farm: 2 Peacocks, 16 chickens, "Apple" the Greyhound, & a new Blue Heeler Pup named "Lucy".

What are we doing with emu's? I'm so glad you asked!

I won't get into a big old plug, but if you really are interested, feel free to check out the web site. Click on the "research studies" tab & a short video will play that explains all the info.

Along with the website, which offers info & products, I wanted to create another blog offering health tips,  articles, and just a simple site about living life more naturally.

That's where I could use some of my very missed, beloved readers to check it out and follow, so I feel like I have at least a few "readers" to motivate me into writing again. I will post it today....

That doesn't mean I'm done with Intimate Family! It is an area though, where I just needed to step back,  to reassess where I've been with recent life experiences & how I can someday turn them into stories that, in one way or another, be "uplifting & encouraging" again.

I apologize to my faithful few who have always supported & commented on my posts here, that I have not been "present" to do the same for you. I don't know if I can catch up with all of the posts I've missed during the passing year, but I will be slowly adjusting to a reading and writing schedule that brings back those connections I dearly miss.

As for now, let me take a moment to give great thanks to God, that my family & I (and the animals), were spared during Hurricane Sandy's arrival. We live just west of Philadelphia and were hit hard with the eye of the storm passing right through us. Winds I have never before, or doubt I will ever again see in my lifetime, remain permanent in my memory. We did receive damage to our home, but nothing in comparison to what we've observed in our local area, or of those devastated in NY, NJ, DE, MD, CT, and RI.

It is so hard to sit in my home, watching the news & video of the destruction, realizing only one true thing.......I may have experienced loss & pain throughout the past two years, yet my life, still pretty much the same.

Millions, of people had their life changed forever in one night. What they once knew, gone forever.

That my friends, brings me to my knees in humility & prayer.

Until we read & write again...
Have an intimate day everyone.