Thursday, July 16, 2009

Date Night: A must have in a marriage!

I was thrilled when I met my husband, but was not thrilled about having a long distance relationship. Our dating regimen was a nightly phone conversation that didn't even happen until all our children were in bed. When we did see each other in person, our children also accompanied us making it difficult to have "alone time". This bonding routine ultimately did allow us to connect on a more intimate verbal level however, I vowed that once we were married we WERE going to have a "date night" once a week to make up for our non-traditional dating. He agreed willingly and we have never missed a "date night" since.

I cannot stress enough the importance of a couple, whether married 1 year or 50, to have that "alone time" with each other. Date night should be a commitment where nothing is more important that disrupts a partners quality time together. Once a regular date night is established, over a short period of time each individual desires that time with their spouse in turn making this event sacred in a marriage!

What are some of the best "date nights" you have had with your partner?

Have an intimate day!



  1. I have had so many. Mark and I try to get together weekly for date night. While we are not married we have already realized the importance of being alone together. One of the ones I enjoyed was dinner and then a walk and sitting down by the waterfront just being together. Its just so nice being comforatble with someone.

  2. When Joel comes home from Iraq we will start having our date night. I guess we are still "honeymooner's" considering he deployed 3 months after our wedding. I think date night is a great idea, romance should never leave a marriage.

  3. I'm not married but am taking copious notes from you. Date night - check. Romance - check. Willing husband - check.

    Thanks for the hot tips.


  4. Hey Jen,
    I was just thinking today that we may have to have a "date night in" once a week. Feed the kids, put them to bed and then have dinner together. Tonight we had a campfire and tried to toast marshmallows, but the rain changed our plans. Still turned out to be some great quality time together! Thanks for the motivation!

  5. Personally, I cherish date night. It's a night to get out alone, away from the kids, away from to-do lists, away from responsibility. It's time we look forward to each week to re-connect after a solid week of alone time getting crowded out by busyness. So first and foremost, date night is cherished for selfish reasons. Beyond that however, I think there are some other reasons it's important. I think it sets a great example for our kids to carry forth in their relationships later in life. Likewise, I think it reiterates to our kids that even though they are important to us, our relationship with each other is important too. Last, these alone times recharge us and make us more effective and engaged in our parenting.