Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Intimate Violence

I remember watching a commercial a few years ago, where a couple in an apartment hears pounding, yelling & crying between another couple in the apartment above them. They glance at each other in regret. Sadness fills their eyes, yet they do nothing. Such a powerful message.

Unfortunately, violence & abusive relationships are a reality, and I think that it is an issue that needs to be acknowledged whether one has ever experienced intimate violence or not.

Intimate violence consists of any physical, emotional, verbal abuse, threats isolation or intimidation between one or more individuals in a relationship. Whether spousal, child, partner, even elder, violence and abuse affects everyone.

The abusive individual needs to maintain control & power over his or her relationships, and more often than not was probably a recipient of abuse at some point in their lives & often unknowingly realizing that they are performing abusive acts.

Violence & abuse in relationships cause devastating long term effects on all who are involved. Children witnessing or recipients of abusive behavior will have a lifetime of behavioral, social and emotional challenges.

I feel pressed to write about this topic because I have witnessed & been a recipient of one or more of these types of abuse. I can't stress enough, how important it is to recognize when an individual is taking abusive control toward another individual. Unfortunately our society has become so desensitized by media, that shocking "bad" behavior has become a norm in our lifestyle. We find ourselves accepting verbal abuse, condescension, intimidation of others as a problem that the "other person" has. Even if we are not the recipients, it affects us. The desensitization of the act alone is an affect.

Violence & abuse in relationships is on the rise. Society knows more about it. Science has researched it, evidence proves the effects, organizations are available for support,.....yet the problem escalates. What's going on here? How is this continued abuse & violence so problematic in our relationships today?

This weeks topic is an attempt to get people to acknowledge what "abuse" really is. Does it occur in your relationships? Are YOU really sure if it occurs or not in your relationships? Do you know anyone who is experiencing intimate violence or abuse? Have you confronted it? Have you reached out a hand, or even an anonymous intention? We need to stop being "desensitized" by societal acceptance and start acting on the issues that will devastatingly affect our future generations.

If you would like more information on Intimate violence & abuse please check out these sites:

Center for Relationship Abuse Awareness

National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center

Thanks everyone!
Have an intimate day!


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  1. This is such a sad issue but one that needs to be addressed. Like you mentioned, many times women don't even realize early on that they are being abused because sometimes it's hidden under the guise of sarcasm. Emotional abuse is an underlying problem and is every bit as damaging.

    Thanks for this message, Jennifer. It's only in confronting issues that they can ever hope to be resolved.