Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Ok people, how many of you have made a New Year's resolution in your life? Now let me ask, how many of those resolutions have you kept? I understand all to well the answers come as no surprise that we rarely stick to resolutions. So let's try a different approach this year. Instead of resolutions, how about committing to a change in your lifestyle as you now know it? Although it may sound to large of a task, but the first step to changing your lifestyle is actually taking only one step at a time.


Identify the areas of your life you would like to improve, and write it down in a notebook or journal.

* Would you like to address your exercise & eating habits?
* Is organization a problem for you?
* Would you like to spend more quality time with your children?
* Is the relationship between you & your spouse lacking in some areas?

By doing just this, you've made a step toward changing your lifestyle.


* Choose from the list, one item that holds the most priority for you.

By choosing just one, the less likely you will feel overwhelmed by all the other changes you'd like to see happen. Choosing ONE makes the change attainable!


* Prepare to commit to that ONE attainable change every day!

Once that change becomes a routine, you'll be ready to move to the next priority on your list.

Keep in mind that a change in lifestyle doesn't have to be ground breaking. Even subtle improvements can make huge differences in your home & work relationships.

For example: If spending more time with your children is important to you, setting a daily half hour to an hour of quality uninterrupted time with your child provides stability and worth not just for them, but for you as well.

Finding moments to share with your children are easier than you think. If you cook dinner for your family, invite the child to help you prepare. Dusting, folding clothes, any routine act you do in your home, you can incorporate your child's involvement. Even the smallest task you give that child provides them great achievement, and most of all, individual time with you. These subtle acts are the changes in lifestyle that should be recognized as success!

Recognize that you as an adult are able to hold a job, run a home & errands without any thought,....because it's a routine action. Routine is the keyword in making lifestyle changes stick.

Each one of us performs daily routine tasks that are necessary. Understand that positive lifestyle changes ARE necessary!

So make your list.

Choose ONE at a time.

Subtle change, is successful change.

And most of all, make it routine!

I hope this weeks post gives you some food for thought, and as I have only mentioned a few options for improving your lifestyle, feel free to offer ways you have been able to make lifestyle changes stick.

Have an intimate day!



  1. Great advice, Jen.

    I never make resolutions. I just make life goals that I work towards no matter what year it is. And I try to be a better person which is always hard work but worth it.

    Good luck with your own goals, commitments and resolutions!


  2. Nice post! I've always got things I'm working on, too. A continual state of tweaking. I hope 2010 is your best year yet!