Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Apologies

Recently I've encountered some criticism related to a few of my posts. I'm sure that every new writer has some kind of internal conflict after receiving comments from critics, so I too am trying to filter my attitude regarding this subject. Hopefully some of my writing readers will have some good advice or insight in response. Until then, here are a few thoughts, take 'em or leave 'em......

I started this blog to promote intimacy in relationships. True authentic intimacy, not the kind acted out in sit-com's and reality shows.

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't observe or hear members of the younger generation being inundated with inappropriate, outlandish, vulgar and obscene behaviors that they're supposed to navigate through toward ideal interpersonal relationships. I believe that honest genuine relationships any more are viewed as something as odd or unnatural in today's society.

What on earth has happened when a young woman voicing what she believes in on national television regarding the institution of marriage gets publicly slain by the media, yet turn on ABC Family channel and watch 10 minutes of "The Secret Life of the American Teenager". If that doesn't make you wonder, ABC Family has just created another fine show for our younger generation called "Pretty Little Liars", 4 girls with dark secrets that will do whatever they have to to lie & bury those secrets........

OK, my soapbox and back to my point.

I guess I can continue to write my blog based on what I'm passionate about and post a rating along with it to warn readers if it's appropriate for individuals under the age of 20.

That makes me wonder though,....what am I protecting them from? True valued, responsible respected relationships?


I'm gonna keep posting what I value and believe in.

Regardless of the critics.

So if I have offended anyone from my previous posts, I do apologize. Hopefully those who read this and have found some offense will understand that this is what the blog is about, simply don't read it in the future. I have no intention on changing my format, or my intimacy with others.

Have an intimate day everyone!



  1. As you already know, I love your posts. Keep on writing.

  2. Write what's in your heart, Jennifer. This is your blog and your voice. I happen to love it also.

    And, hey, I got your message and tried to email you. The email keeps shooting back. My email is also on my website. Please email me and we'll discuss the book. Thanks so much. Keep smiling!

  3. It's your blog-just be you! You are 100% entitled to share whatever thoughts and opinions you desire on here, so continue being authentic, and don't censor yourself. If someone gets offended, well, too bad for them!

  4. I've been gone for quite a few weeks from the blogosphere so now I have to go back and read what all the commotion is about. I'm very curious.

    I know in my heart that you would never write anything with the intention of offending anyone. Yet sometimes people are offended. Let them be. As long as your intentions are sincere and your words a representation of what you feel in your heart then you're ok. Remember, people have to make a conscious decision to be offended. So if they read something you wrote in sincerity and made the decision to be offended then that's their prerogative. All you can do is be honest and yourself and go on writing your blog.


  5. Dorraine,...thank you! I still didn't get your email,..but we'll kep trying!

    Bethany, thanks for your support! I do love writing and I have no intention on being censored. I do however, never want to hurt or offend anyone....such a conundrum ;)

    Jai, glad to see you back on the scene. No doubt your traveling around the world again! Be safe dear friend....

    And Bob,...thank you sweetie,...but you can't be objective, have to live with me ;)

  6. I have been wondering where you have been! Keep writing. I love your blog! Let them be critics. It is your blog, they don't have to read it.

  7. Jen, hey girl. I hope you're well. You haven't been around the blogosphere in a while and I just wanted to let you know that I miss you.


  8. Jen, you have an award at my blog.


  9. hello! can you hear me? just following Jai around to see what's up. no, don't be silly I'm not stalking her

    hope you are well

  10. Sigh,.....I was so tickled when I saw on my email you two poking me (Jai & Paige)! Yes,..poking me! I needed that. You two are trying to seduce me aren't you? Back to posting that is.......Well,'s working! I miss my blogging peeps. I guess I'm stuck in a rut. So what do you girls do when your stuck in a rut????? Please tell me oh wise ones!

  11. Jen, everyone gets stuck in a rut from time to time. There's nothing else to do but kick yourself in the butt and get writing. Don't listen to any excuses floating around your head. Writing is the best remedy for ruts.

    If you can't think of what to write next then read around the blogosphere, see if you can find any inspiration. There's tons of great stuff out there to prod the brain.

    And give yourself a schedule. Tell yourself that you're going to write/blog/post/email/whatever on such and such days of the week. Then stick to it.

    You can do it, my sister in ink!