Monday, August 10, 2009

The Importance Of "Me Time"

Years ago, I had a good friend tell me that she and her husband gives each other "me time". I was curious about that concept and had her explain in detail. Basically, they gave each other one night a week that they could spend however they wanted. It was a few hours they could get away from the pressure and responsibilities of everyday life. My friend told me she would make herself leave the house, if just to take a walk in the park, or watch a movie by herself. It allowed them the "me time" we all deserve.

When I wanted to incorporate this concept in my life, my children were less than receptive. I told them a great piece of advice my aunt gave me once. "kids, it's important for mommy to have time to herself, because as important as your needs are to me, my needs are important too. Mommy, important too."

It is one of the best lesson I hope to instill in my children. That once they grow and have a family of their own, their needs, interests, goals and dreams don't have to end. That they can still be an "individual" without having to loose themselves in the "family".

Husbands need that, wives need that, and children need that as well. If a child has siblings, they too need time as an individual. They need quiet time to themselves, away from the pressures inside and outside of the home. As their needs and identities change over the years, parents and siblings should support these changes and allow the "individual" to blossom.

Having a family doesn't mean having to be just a family member.........

We all deserve time to just be......."me".

Have an intimate day!



  1. Thanks for the permission to take the time for myself, Jennifer. Sometimes that is all it takes to do something that feels selfish. We call taking time by ourselves going to our "caves", and were told by a counselor that, that is okay, as long as we have specific times that we come back together as a family/couple to communicate. But for me, it is IS important to get out of the house (walk the dog, take her to the dog park, or see a movie). I'm encouraged now - to follow through with taking a sewing class. Plus once the kids get into school, it will be easier to do some "me" time. Thank God for a time for every season to look forward to! And to know that each season isn't forever but has an end in sight. Amen!!

  2. "Me" time. Sounds like heaven.

    My "me" time would be a bubble bath with a great book and a box of chocolates. And a locked door.


  3. In a family with multiple kids, I think there's another kind of "Me" time that bears mentioning. It's not alone time for the kids. It's time that each child gets to spend by themselves with one or both parents. A few minutes here or there where a child gets undivided attention is critical to making each child in a larger family feel special. My wife does an especially good job of doing this and I am so thankful for that.